mIRC crash when processing large files.

rpbrown at xtra.co.nz rpbrown at xtra.co.nz
Tue Jun 5 00:05:50 CDT 2001

Details how to replicate the crash. (yes its time consuming, but it
shows the crash)

Ok, this is what I do to crash mIRC in wine. I install the mp3-script
for mIRC.


load the script according to the readme..and join IRC Undernet, any
Undernet server will do.

/join #mpthree

the person we're looking for is SuperServ (an Op) 

right mouse on the nick, and grab there mp3 list.. you can try other
ppls lists, but SuperServ has a rather big list (8Mb) which at the end
of the download the script keeps on loading (processing the txt file)
..and then crashes mIRC.

Loading _this_ list itself into mIRC under windows normally, mIRC is
locked for a 3-4 minutes (processing the list).. maybe wine gives up too
soon, since its not getting a response within X amount of time. Or the
list is too big for wine to handle? thats my guesses..

I hope this helps.

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