VirtualProtect() fixup

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Fri Jun 8 16:01:16 CDT 2001

520053692817-0001 at (Andreas Mohr) writes:

> (you do know that I disagree on these things, right ? after all Wine emulates
> *Windows*, and if Windows does it that way, then we should do it, too, for
> heaven's sake, especially if it's not really painful)

There is no such thing as "Windows", there are multiple versions that
do different things, and we have to choose what we emulate. In this
case it's clear that it makes more sense to emulate the NT behavior,
since this is what is documented.

Of course we could do a winver check, but if we do this for every
single difference between Win98 and NT, we'll end up with a mess of
spaghetti code with more version checks than actual code. So winver
checks must be limited to cases where they are demonstrably necessary
for a real-world application.

Alexandre Julliard
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