virtual memory problems with Linux 2.4.5

Mike McCormack mike_mccormack at
Mon Jun 11 23:22:21 CDT 2001

i'm using Suse linux 7.0 with the following files:


i've upgrade the kernel and various bits and pieces, but not the C
libraries. i think there was a discussion about changes to the mmap
interface on KT at some time...


Original message from: Alexandre Julliard <julliard at>
>Mike McCormack  <mike_mccormack at> writes:
>> i have found a problem with Wine and the Linux 2.4.5 Kernel.
>> The Kernel no longer return EINVAL when offsets are not page
>> aligned... it simply does the mapping ignoring the lower bits of
>> offset. This small patch fixes that problem.
>That's a glibc bug IMO. What version are you using?
>Alexandre Julliard
>julliard at

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