Missing functionality in mmaux

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at voila.fr
Tue Jun 12 02:18:23 CDT 2001

> It installs just fine, but when I try to run it, it tries to adapt the audio 
> settings. That fails, and I get the following fixme's from wine:
> fixme:mmaux:MIX_GetLineInfo Unhandled component type (00000007)
> fixme:mmaux:MIX_GetLineInfo Unhandled component type (00000008)
it just misses the wavein component types
as a quick fix, you can try to duplicate the case MIXERLINE_COMPONENTTYPE_MIC with MIXERLINE_COMPONENTTYPE_WAVEIN, but I'm not sure it'll fix all your issues, and let the program fully run.
I'll have a closer look at it this week-end, if I have some time

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