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Tue Jun 12 13:01:35 CDT 2001

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> A few bad links:
>  *
>    'Application Database', fourth item in the Documentation column,
>    points to

Yeah, Andi put this one up as a holdover until we get the new AppDB up. Once
we feel it's ready (soon). We will update all the links on the site, and
Andi will update his FAQ to point to the new location.

> Proposals:
>  * Currently the screenshot is in its own column. That's quite bad
> sometimes:

I'll play with this some more. I'm assuming a web design that the average
user is going to be at 1024x768. Does anyone really use less than that
anymore? (save for web devices of course).

> * We should ban JPEGs for screenshots :-)

Ewww, That is a bad shot, but not JPG's fault. It was converted from a GIF,
I'll get a better one.

> * It would be nice to see who owns a given application (but maybe
> there's no owner yet).

That's a good idea. We'll add a App Contacts column, so we all know who to
ask for help on the app. Man, I hope that does not scare anyone off from
being an app owner though. :-)

>> and flames [:-)] as
>   No way. You're doing a great job.


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