Apps DB Round 3

Jeremy White jwhite at
Thu Jun 14 11:28:44 CDT 2001

Okay, with all of 3 days worth of data, we've already
figured out some problems with the current Apps DB.

The structure of the DB is that you have an
app, like MS Word.  Now, when you're on MS Word,
you can see an app description, and people can post

Each App can (should?) have sub version records.
So, you can have a Word 2K and a Word 97 record.  The Word
2K record can contain more info, more comments,
and we've also allowed the old 1-5 rating
for the specific app versions.

However, no one is really using the app versions.
A lot of people are submitting an App
(like Starcraft), and then just posting comments
against the main Starcraft app page, and ignoring
the version page.

For Starcraft, it seems like we should get rid
of the whole version stuff, because Starcraft
conceptually really only has one version.
However, for Word (and others), it seems
to me to be really important to maintain
the version distinction/info.

Jer and I have kicked around two possible
solutions, and I was hoping to see if anyone
else had any better ideas.

The first proposal was to modify the app's
main page so that it would always display
the version info of the most recent version
of the app.  This would be a little tricky,
because we'd need to ask people to enter the
date of a particular version, but not too bad.

The other proposal was to modify the app's
main page so that you couldn't post any comments,
and we made it easy/obvious to get to the versions

Thoughts?  Better ideas?



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