16-bit and 32-bit separation

Patrik Stridvall ps at leissner.se
Mon Jun 18 04:27:31 CDT 2001

[Since the subject it up because of Dimitry's
"Move 16-bit COMM stuff to USER, where it belongs" 

My new tool winapi_fixup could without to much effort be extended
to facillitate separation of 16-bit and 32-bit stuff by moving
the 16-bit parts of a file (example: foo.c) to a new 16-bit only
file (example: foo16.c).

Of course because of dependecies, includes and such things it can
only be partly automatic and it will in most cases require quite a
lot editing afterwards, so the questions (primarily to Alexandre
but other replies welcome to) are:

1. Will/Should Alexandre accept such patches at all?
2. Is it a useful effort to get the 16-bit stuff out of the way
so we don't have to see it in the files when editing the 32-bit
3. Is it a useful effort to make it possible to have --disable-win16
configure option to compile out as much Win16 stuff as possible
in order to save space in the binaries for say embedded stuff.
4. While this certainly it not a high or even medium priority effort,
   should it have low, very low or extremly low priority?

PS. I have other stuff planed so I certainly do not lack things to do.
However since the subject is up I might just as well ask.

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