Still more clipping issues - but getting better

Guy L. Albertelli galberte at
Tue Jun 19 21:11:42 CDT 2001

Hi Alexandre,

The latest commits (through "Clip parent client area when using the drawable
from a higher level
parent." julliard at wine2. 01/06/19 20:22:40) have fixed the problem mentioned
in the previous email.
However certain problems still exist. The attached JPG shows the results
with the latest commits and the native control when the second band is
deleted (band # 1). Somehow it never erases the band. This did work
correctly in 6/1 CVS. Recreation instructions: Select RB_DELETEBAND and
change the first zero (second line) to a 1 and send it. The second band with
the ComboBoxEx should disappear.

There is another issue with IE4 (one of my test programs). When a string is
typed into the address line (a ComboBoxEx) and "return" pressed, the entire
IE window disappears. IE is still running and by selecting the item in the
GNOME taskbar, the IE window reappears correctly.

Thanks a lot,

Guy Albertelli  <<galberte at>>

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