wine/ dlls/x11drv/winpos.c windows/x11drv/event.c

Guy L. Albertelli galberte at
Fri Jun 22 22:01:02 CDT 2001

With the patch "Don't rely on X to expose windows covered by a sibling, do
it manually. (6/21)" installed, it seems that most (possibly all) of the
painting problems have been fixed. Great job!!

There are two other outstanding problems remaining:

1. With ControlSpy (REBAR.EXE), WinRAR, and IE4 and native controls
(commctrl, comctl32):

The 01/03/15 cvs, when the mouse moves over the gripper, the cursor changes
to linked left & right arrows. When the left button is pressed, the cursor
is changed to a small double gripper with left & right arrows. The selected
band can then be dragged.

At the 01/06/01 cvs, the cursor is not changed either before the left button
push or after. However the selected band can still be dragged.

With the current cvs (01/06/22), the cursor is changed to the linked left &
arrows, but the area where the change occurs is much smaller. The
cursor goes back to the normal arrow after the left button is pressed. The
selected band can then be dragged, but is less responsive that the other two
cases by about 50%.

2. This is with -managed mode and both examples involve the X-window being
minimized (current cvs 6/22):

With IE4 and native controls (commctrl, comctl32), when typing in the
box and "enter" is hit, the Xwindow is minimized and the data is processed.
With our code, the enter is ignored.

With WinRAR and native controls (commctrl, comctl32), selecting the settings
dialog and replying OK results in the main window being mimimized. Selecting
cancel (or other dialog boxes) do not cause mimimization.


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