Readconsole, was libreadline for winedbg

eric pouech eric.pouech at
Fri Jun 22 23:52:23 CDT 2001

> investigating further, I found that winedbg uses ReadConsole to get what the
> debug-user typed in, however ReadConsole by far doesn't behave as
> expected, namely to give back the VT100 codes for what the user typed in. At
> present arrow key presses are never delivered to winedbg 
well I tested it on NT2000, and arrows are not given back to the app
ReadConsole. So, it's winedbg which is at fault and should use
instead, but it would mean that the line editing should be heavily
to switch from a VT100 to a input_record style of input...
a nicer fix would be to implement the ENABLE_LINE_INPUT mode for the
(so that the line edition would be done in the Wine code). we would lost
emacs-like keys usage (unless we had a Wine specific
mode to the console)

> and if winedbg runs
> on the staring console, input is only delivered to winedbg after the user
> entered "Enter".
yes. this is because, when the console is allocated on a current term,
is not set to raw mode. here again, it means another rewrite (the
stdin must be set to raw (at least resetting ICANON), and all the line
logic must be taken care of by wine (including echoing the input

so, not to restart the discussion, but the libreadline inclusion (if
would be more appropriate in the wine core code rather than in winedbg

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