Word97 problems

Heiko Nardmann h.nardmann at secunet.de
Sat Jun 23 05:46:57 CDT 2001

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I am still trying to get Word97 up and running.

Now I found out that Word tries to LoadLibrary() some MSO7DEU.DLL which seems 
to be the language DLL. I saw that after failing to find it it tries to find 
MSO7ENU.DLL. When failing with that, too, some kind of exception is happening 
according to the log files and the message box described in former mails 

So I took this DLL from my Windows/Word installation and copied it into the 
same folder as Word. Now I have the following Word files in one directory:

- - winword.exe
- - wwintl32.dll
- - mso97.dll
- - mso7deu.dll

No other Windows files are on my Linux machine except on the NT partition 
which is NOT used during this tests.

After starting it again I now get a different message box saying that my 
registry is corrupt and I should rerun Word setup. I will further analyze the 
logfiles to see which registry entries are needed ...

This analyze has been done with todays CVS ...

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