Fallout Tactics problems

Tim Oertel toertel at rpa.net
Sun Jun 24 23:50:31 CDT 2001

Hi all,

I sent this to wine-users, but got no response... so I'll assume I've hit
a bug or three.

I've successfully installed FT, and it sorta runs.  Specifically:
o It installed without problems.
o It runs the intro animations and training walkthroughs, but the anims
  alternately play audio or video, pausing the other while one plays.
o Character creation works, although the keyboard occasionally fails to
  work... not sure why.
o Screen redraw is hosed when scrolling left or up.  A ~64 pixel strip gets
  replicated across the screen... Clicking directly on the map redraws fine.

I'm wondering if anyone knows what is going on or can suggest how to start
debugging the scrolling problem.  (I have plenty of debug experience and
can figure things out, but I'm not familiar with wine, so am not sure
where to start.)

I'm using the latest CVS build as of 2001/06/20.


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