Apps DB round 2

G.LeeJ lee at
Tue Jun 26 04:22:44 CDT 2001

James Hatheway wrote:

> > > Proposals:
> > >  * Currently the screenshot is in its own column. That's quite bad
> > > sometimes:
> >
> > I'll play with this some more. I'm assuming a web design that the average
> > user is going to be at 1024x768. Does anyone really use less than that
> > anymore? (save for web devices of course).
> Yes, unfortunately... Many public places like libraries,etc. still
> have terminals with 15 inch monitors at 800x600.

agreed......alot of people are simply in a upper crust minority with screens
as large as 1024x768 and able to read that res without "squinting" "least" a 19" monitor and those aren't cheap for average
consumer...although Ihaven't checked prices recently my 21" hitachi is totally
adequate .......

I NEVER design without taking into consideration 15"/800X600......because the
outcome can be plain nasty.

minority member <g>

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