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On Sat, Mar 24, 2001 at 04:07:33PM -0500, Guy L. Albertelli wrote:
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> >There are tons of settings that can only be set through the config
> >file; why are the few remaining options so much different that you
> >need to set them on the command line?  and how do you pass options
> >when an app is not launched from the command-line (like from another
> >Windows app, or from a desktop icon)?
> >
> As a developer, I find the ability to
> change -desktop/-managed, -debugmsg, -dll options on every run from the
> command line invaluable. If I had to edit config every time I wanted to
> change -debugmsg or -dll options, my progress would be at least cut in half.

I think a compromise would be to create a wrapper script that modifies
the config file first to use appropriate settings and then calls the main
Wine binary.

Ugh, yet another wrapper hack... ;-)

But that should actually be usable.

After all you'd have to change the Codeweavers Preview/Debian package
wrapper script to support that, too.

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