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Mon Mar 26 16:59:05 CST 2001

"Gottfried F. Zojer" wrote:
> Hi,
> I m new to  this list.So I hope that a little bit of feedback is coming
> to my
> first posting.Is somebody on this list who is working on DirectX APi s
> into WINE.I heart from the WineX Api from Transgaming Tech.
> It s hosted on SourgeForge.Unfortuntely this server must be a very slow
> because it was impossible for me to get access to the CVS-Tree.
> Thanks in advance

If you have technical questions specific to the new DirectX code, you're best
off directing them to the new WineX-devel list we've created on SourceForge.
If you can't reach SourceForge at all, give it another go later in the day,
it occasionally has load issues.

If you are having persistant problems with SourceForge CVS, you can apply one
of the earlier patches from the TransGaming website to the WineHQ tree.  


Gavriel State, CEO
TransGaming Technologies Inc.
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