Nasty Wine/kernel bug, anyone?

Ulrich Weigand weigand at
Wed Mar 28 17:23:59 CST 2001

> If I were going to make more WAGs (Wild Assed guesses),
> I'd hazard a guess that this was due to my Alsa sound system
> (running on the AC97 codec on my Asus motherboard).
> I tried to walk the stack back, but didn't get very far
> (after the first time of wrongly computing the hex offset
> from a .s file, I gave off, stomped off to look
> for a better disassembler and gave up).

If you have the 'vmlinux' file, try 
    objdump --disassemble vmlinux
> My best guess is that we're coming through dentry_open
> (xc012e7fe)/ chrdev_open (0xc012f66c)
> /soundcore_open (0xc01bbf71).  However, I wasn't
> seeing a familiar EBP/EIP pattern, so I'm possibly just
> pulling random symbols out of the air.

Yes, this appears to the proper trace:
   c0108d7f system_call
   c012ea2c sys_open
   c012e732 filp_open
   c012e7fe dentry_open
   c012f66c chrdev_open
   c01bbf71 soundcore_open
   d0826a42 <module>
   d087ce3e <module>
   c0107aa4 __down_failed
   c010794f __down
   ........ schedule 

[I am assuming that you have 256MB main memory. Correct?]

Now, the question is still, who is sleeping on that
semaphore and why?

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