Script to get committed patches

eric pouech eric.pouech at
Tue May 1 13:04:18 CDT 2001

gerard patel wrote:
> I have tried to retrieve this patch :
> It does not look as a regular diff ??? I suspect a problem in the
> script.
> I have absolutely no knowledge of the language used in this script,
> so I can't do more than report.
well, this type of issue has been introduced when I added the ability of 
listing the added files in a patch (before only the diffs to existing 
files were printed)

as of today, the added files are marked with the &&& mark (instead of
the +++ and --- for the diffs), which of course causes some issues when
you use the whole file as a patch (normally, all the added files are at
the end; so the "easy" way of doing it is to remove that part, apply the
patch, and then create the new files)

I was too lazy to use instead a cvs diff against /dev/null which should 
do most of what you'd expected

I'd say it's a documented feature ;-), I'll try to give it a look later 

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