Script to get committed patches

gerard patel gerard.patel at
Tue May 1 15:55:37 CDT 2001

At 08:04 PM 01/05/2001 +0200, you wrote:

>as of today, the added files are marked with the &&& mark (instead of
>the +++ and --- for the diffs), which of course causes some issues when
>you use the whole file as a patch (normally, all the added files are at
>the end; so the "easy" way of doing it is to remove that part, apply the
>patch, and then create the new files)

>I'd say it's a documented feature ;-),

Documented ? Oops, I missed completely this part.
This weekend I have browsed the wonderful Wine user manual for the
first time , since I have now a computer with a working db2html - now
I know what *is* the Wine user manual ;-)
I have not seen where this info is hiding.

Maybe it was  in one of your (defunct)  WWN. I tried to read them  but
I probably was lazy too.

Btw, your successor has problems to get in the game; I noticed on LinuxToday
that the last Kernel Cousin Wine was showing a 'slow week' - the week
where Marcus posted CUPS support - IMHO the more interesting patch
since months for all non-games apps. He is not following wine-patches and
wine-cvs it seems :-/

> I'll try to give it a look later 

I see no reason for you to work on this rather trivial matter.  All that
is needed is to know the problem. I should have guessed it but I was
probably too stressed by the idea of having this 200k patch to look at ;-(
Now it's done, thanks for the tip.


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