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eric pouech eric.pouech at
Wed May 2 12:37:57 CDT 2001

> Documented ? Oops, I missed completely this part.
> This weekend I have browsed the wonderful Wine user manual for the
> first time , since I have now a computer with a working db2html - now
> I know what *is* the Wine user manual ;-)
> I have not seen where this info is hiding.
well, it has been only published on the winehq administrators list...
sorry about that.

> Btw, your successor has problems to get in the game; I noticed on LinuxToday
> that the last Kernel Cousin Wine was showing a 'slow week' - the week
> where Marcus posted CUPS support - IMHO the more interesting patch
> since months for all non-games apps. He is not following wine-patches and
> wine-cvs it seems :-/
well, as things go, Brian is only browsing the wine-devel list from
but list of patches hasn't been moved back in. a matter of a few issues

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