Wine and NetBSD

Bang Jun-Young bjy at
Wed May 2 22:23:09 CDT 2001

eric pouech wrote:
> No, a native program doesn't need a .spec file. However, it rather seems
> that the native modules don't get registered, hence the error.
> you should check that __wine_dll_register gets actually called (I bet
> it isn't). And, in your case the .spec for the emulator (wine.spec) is
> not registered, hence the error.
> It's likely to be a loader issue. Look in the .spec.c files with the
> __asm__dummy_dll_init and __wine_spec_wine_init functions. The first one
> is put in the .init section so that the loader executes every function
> from this section when the module (wine in this case) is loaded into
> memory. It's very likely this doesn't happen in your case.

Thanks for giving the explaination(!). I'm going to examine the code 


Bang Jun-Young <bjy at>

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