Wine and NetBSD

Bang Jun-Young bjy at
Wed May 2 22:31:24 CDT 2001

Francois Gouget wrote:
>    Maybe you already fixed that but...
>    In there's a NetBSD section that seems incomplete
> wrt. how one links a builtin dll. And this might be related to your
> problem. See thos lines:
>       if test "$ac_cv_c_dll_netbsd" = "yes"
>       then
>         LDSHARED="\$(CC) -Wl,-Bshareable,-Bforcearchive"
>         LDDLLFLAGS="" #FIXME  <--- doesn't look good
>       fi

Starting from release 1.5, NetBSD has completely switched its native
binary format to ELF, so the current gcc(egcs)/binutils toolchain is 
almost same as those being used on Linux or FreeBSD. What you pointed 
out is relevant to 1.4 and earlier versions. I'm not sure Wine is able
to be compiled on such releases.

Anyway, we need to correct some configure messages to have clearer
meanings (i.e. Linux dll -> (Linux-style) ELF dll or Linux/FreeBSD/NetBSD 
dll, NetBSD dll -> NetBSD a.out dll, etc.).


Bang Jun-Young <bjy at>

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