wine server protocol error running Notes

David.Goodenough at David.Goodenough at
Sun May 6 16:02:49 CDT 2001

You are right, the latest version does not seem to have this problem and
seems much better all round.

There are still a few messages coming up, and one failure.

1) There is an err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCritical Section timed out message,
which seems to work during the retry.  This is running on a 500MHz box with
384MB of memory, so it is not as though this machine is slow.
2) Various fixme's for SetConsoleCtrlHandler.  It does not seem to matter
that this function does not work yet, but Notes seems to want to make some
use of it.
3) fixme:string:GetLocalInfoA 'IDEFAULTLANGUAGE' is not defined for your
language (0009).  Now this one confuses me a bit, as from what I have read
in the W32 SDK docs 0009 is not  a valid language so I wonder what a real
Notes system does with this request.  It is the root of the English family
of languages, but not a valid one on its own.  All I can think is that it
is meant to be some kind of International English.  Should it simply be
aliased to US English (or possibly UK English).
4) fixme:ole:CoRegisterMessageFilter stub.  I seem to remember asking about
this before and being told it was unlikely to matter, but I include it for
5) fixme:module:CreateProcessA (nhldaemn.EXE,...): lpStartupInfo->lpTitle
Wine console ignored.  Now the actual fixme is probably irrelavant, but
this is the only message that comes up about nhldaemn.EXE which is the mail
notitier process.  This process tries to start and then fails, pops up a
message box saying failed to start and goes away.  Given that this is a
child process is there any way to get debug information for just this
child?  It would be nice to get this one going properly but Notes is a
relatively busy process itself, and trying to disentangle the actions of
this child process from everything else going on could be hard work.

All in all, Wine and Notes is looking VERY good.



Alexandre Julliard <julliard at> on 05/03/2001 04:57:28 PM

To:   David Goodenough/DGA/GB
cc:   wine-devel at
Subject:  Re: wine server protocol error running Notes

David.Goodenough at writes:

> I am getting an intermittent error when I run Notes under Wine (February
> drop).  The error I get reads:
> protocol error: 0x8064159: copy_req_path: invalid length 51/0
> Is this a known problem, if not where do I start looking to try to track
> down the problem?

A -debugmsg +server,+reg would be a good start. But get the latest
Wine version first, there have been some fixes in this area.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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