msvcrt.mktime problem?

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Mon May 7 08:38:51 CDT 2001


An older version of wordpad.exe crashes with:

Call kernel32.GetFileAttributesA(403ed19c "E:\\CosmosAd.doc") ret=5f407526 tid=0
Ret  kernel32.GetFileAttributesA() retval=00000021 ret=5f407526 tid=08065318
Call kernel32.FileTimeToLocalFileTime(405c5e58,405c5e24) ret=5f412b3f tid=080653
Ret  kernel32.FileTimeToLocalFileTime() retval=00000001 ret=5f412b3f tid=0806531
Call kernel32.FileTimeToSystemTime(405c5e24,405c5e14) ret=5f412b55 tid=08065318
Ret  kernel32.FileTimeToSystemTime() retval=00000001 ret=5f412b55 tid=08065318
Call msvcrt.mktime(405c5db4) ret=5f412c06 tid=08065318
Ret  msvcrt.mktime() retval=398aa328 ret=5f412c06 tid=08065318
14 faulted at EIP=0x08051d33, CR2=0x80b8bc10, EAX 0x405c5e08
EBX 0x00000001, ECX 0x405c5db4, EBP 0x00001c22
EDI 0x403ed19c, ESP 0x002b:0x405c5df0 FS 0x008f, pid 3283

It seems to me that it somehow can't cope with mktime(), but I do not 
understand why.

(I can send the 200kb .exe if there is need.)

Ciao, Marcus

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