doors IPC

Damjan Lango damjan.lango at
Tue May 8 15:57:10 CDT 2001


Some time ago here was a discussion about speeding up the communication
between the wineserver and the application with various kernel patches.
I was reading "Unix Network Programming, volume 2 - IPC" and ran over
a "doors" IPC api that is implemented on Solaris and has the lowest latency.
According to the book it is ~3 times faster than pipe.
Actual values for Solaris 2.6 in the book are: (in miliseconds)
doors:      121
sysv msgq:  260
pipe:       324
unix dom. socket: 465
posix msgq: 584

There is also a link to a Linux implementation of doors on:

On this link you will find also more info on doors.

But according to the performance tests that the author made,
the linux pipe is somewhat the same speed as doors so 
maybe it could be optimized more or maybe is Linux's pipe
already so optimized that doors are unnecesary.

So what do you think, would this be useful for speeding up wine?
I apologoize if you already know about this...


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