Is the DECIMAL variant type too long ?

gerard patel gerard.patel at
Wed May 9 18:25:54 CDT 2001

After the following patch :

ChangeSet ID:   989259340138108821120113
CVSROOT:        /opt/cvs-commit
Module name:    wine
Changes by:     julliard at wine2. 01/05/07 14:15:40

Modified files:
        include        : oleauto.h wtypes.h 
        include/wine   : obj_base.h obj_oleaut.h 

Log message:
        Francois Gouget <fgouget at>
        Added support for the DECIMAL type.
        Names are no longer suffixed with 32! Removed it.

Borland Builder 4 crashes while starting :-/

Tracing the crash shows that it hangs  immediately
after the *first* variant Api access :

Call oleaut32.VariantCopyInd(405869b0,40586974) ret=405b2e6b tid=08065a10
trace:ole:VariantCopyInd (0x405869b0, 0x40586974)
trace:ole:VariantCopy (0x405869b0, 0x40586974)
trace:ole:VariantClear (0x405869b0)
Ret  oleaut32.VariantCopyInd() retval=00000000 ret=405b2e6b tid=08065a10
Call oleaut32.VariantChangeTypeEx(40586968,405869b0,00000400,00000000,00000003) ret=405b301c tid=08065a10
trace:ole:VariantInit (0x4058685c),stub
trace:ole:VariantChangeTypeEx (0x40586968, 0x405869b0 (11), 1024, 0, 3),stub
trace:ole:VariantClear (0x40586968)
trace:ole:VarI4FromBool ( -1, 0x40586970 ), stub
trace:ole:VariantClear (0x4058685c)
Ret  oleaut32.VariantChangeTypeEx() retval=00000000 ret=405b301c tid=08065a10
err:seh:EXC_DefaultHandling Exception frame is not in stack limits => unable to dispatch exception. 

I have changed the trace slightly, the 11 listed for the VariantChangeTypeEx shows
that the original type is a boolean. The call is trying to change a boolean (11) into
an integer (3).

The changes in include/wtypes.h are the important ones.

Replacing the new DECIMAL type by

typedef struct tagDEC {
    BYTE aa[2];

get rid of the crash. 
If I make the byte array 16 bytes long, same crash as the current Wine behaviour.
If I make it 10 bytes long, access violation.
If I make it 8 bytes long, it works too.

Could the DECIMAL type be a pointer to the real data ??


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