Stupid winedbg question

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Wed May 9 19:31:28 CDT 2001

On Wed, 9 May 2001, Marcus Meissner wrote:

> On Wed, May 09, 2001 at 08:37:10PM +0200, eric pouech wrote:
> > >    There's another anomaly. When winedbg is started via the
> > > 'just-in-time' debugging feature
> > >  - it displays all lines in a stair-case fashion. It's as if it was
> > > missing a CR (no, I cannot copy/paste an example).
> > >  - The 'Enter' key does not work. All other keys seem to work
> > > fine. I can type 'b', I can use backspace to erase it and type 'quit'
> > > instead. But typeing 'Enter' has no effect. Pretty limiting.
> > sounds more like a strange xterm behavior; may be the xterm, while
> > started
> > this way looks for a wrong termcap entry... could you check which value 
> > has the TERM environment variable when the xterm is started (TRACE("%s",
> > getenv("TERM"))
> > in win32/console.c after the fork ?
> > this may help figuring this out
> No the problem is that I enable Mouse Input in the Win32 Console, which
> disallows Cut & Paste.

   I think Eric meant it for the staircase effect and Enter not
working. I'll try to dump the TERM value if I can reproduce the
problem. As often as not the debugger does not start at all because I
get into an infinite loop in the SEH handling.

   So this tells me that cut&paste is implemented with a Win95-like
interface rather than the much better NT user interface.
   In Win95 you have to click on a button to be allowed to select stuff
and another to copy, and yet another to paste. In NT a right-click +
drag will select stuff. Another right-click will copy it, and a
right-click will paste the contents of the clipboard.
  In any case there's a documentation issue (surprise, surprise)...

> You can enable cut & paste by pressing NumLock usually.

   NumLock has no effect on cut&paste on my machine (but my window
manager does not like it).

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