FIXMEs in basic controls

Uhmmmm uhmmmm at
Tue May 8 20:07:09 CDT 2001

I don't know how high of a priority the basic controls (buttons, edit 
boxes, static, etc) are, but they sure do have a lot of FIXMEs that I'd be 
willing to help with.  Mainly things that the writers didn't know what 
windoze did.  I could probably fix a lot of these.  I have a windoze 
machine, and I could tinker with it to find out the correct behaviour.

The only thing is that I'm relatively new to editing wine's sources, and 
extremely new to CVS, so I wouldn't know what to do with the code when I've 
finished.  If someone could clue me in, I'd be more than happy to clean up 
some of the FIXMEs.

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