win32 binary DLLs -> Unix wrappers?

Peter Duthie rdx at
Fri May 11 00:30:26 CDT 2001

What I would like to do is take an existing windows DLL for which I have
the SDK but not the source, and write/generate a C++ wrapper that accesses
the code contained therein, and be linked with existing unix programs.

Eg, say I have X.DLL, X.LIB and X.h
Is there a way using wine that I can generate wrapper code (say, so that I can link it with a unix program that I would
write around the wrapper?

Thus I would have the benefits of developing under the unix environment
and libraries, while utilising a necessary proprietary windows DLL.  Note,
native windows applications that use this DLL work fine when run under
wine regularly.

I cannot find documentation for this in the mailing list archives, or the
official docs, although Chapter 5 of the winelib users guide seems to be
the right place to look, it appears to not be written yet.

Can anyone please direct me to relevant documentation/examples/code?



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