__compar_fn_t Linuxism in dlls/wineps/afm.c

Bang Jun-Young bjy at mogua.org
Fri May 11 08:14:10 CDT 2001

On Fri, May 11, 2001 at 01:09:27PM +0200, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
> I believe relying on __compar_fn_t in dlls/wineps/afm.c is a Linuxism
> recently added to dlls/wineps/afm.c (and only there), Ian.

I have experienced the same problem with NetBSD.
> Given that __compar_fn_t is only used in that single file and nowhere
> else, I'd suggest to simply use a typedef of your own instead of the
> non-portable __compar_fn_t. -- Could you please have a look?

I agree.


Bang Jun-Young <bjy at mogua.org>

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