__compar_fn_t Linuxism in dlls/wineps/afm.c

Ian Pilcher ian.pilcher at home.com
Fri May 11 10:30:57 CDT 2001

Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
> I believe relying on __compar_fn_t in dlls/wineps/afm.c is a Linuxism
> recently added to dlls/wineps/afm.c (and only there), Ian.

My apologies.  The GNU version of stdlib.h includes the following
snippet, which led be to believe that __compar_fn_t was standard:

    /* Shorthand for type of comparison functions.  */
    #ifndef __COMPAR_FN_T
    # define __COMPAR_FN_T
    typedef int (*__compar_fn_t) (__const void *, __const void *);

    # ifdef	__USE_GNU
    typedef __compar_fn_t comparison_fn_t;
    # endif

(Trying to show that I'm not a complete idiot!)  I have sent a patch in
to replace the use of __compar_fn_t with a typedef.

Thanks for catching that.
Ian Pilcher                                         ian.pilcher at home.com

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