Networking with Mandrake 8.0 and SuSE 7.1

r.maurizzi at r.maurizzi at
Fri May 18 03:51:41 CDT 2001

> I'm running Lotus Notes 5.04a under WINE with one of the January releases
> and its been working great for months. However, any release since February
> does not seem to do reliable networking on my Mandrake 8.0 system.
> On a related note, another cow-orker who is using Mandrake Cooker
> (development distro) and his own compiled kernel does not have this
> problem. I am on a token ring network, which I don't think should matter.

I had the exact problem with SuSE Linux: starting from Kernel SuSE-2.2.18, wine
doesn't work anymore, but if I use a self compiled "stock" kernel, it works
again. It's a pity I know little of both Wine and Kernel tcp/ip, and I don't
have time to check kernels and diffs... :-(
I don't know about Mandrake, but SuSE distributes a tar.gz with all the patches
they apply to their kernels. If Mandrake does something similar, I guess a few
"apply a part of the patches - compile - test" cycle should help spot the

If anyone on the list has ideas on tests I could do to gather more info, I'll be
glad to help (I still have SuSE stock kernels installed, so I can test
differences in behaviours between different versions rather quickly)


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