More breakages

gerard patel gerard.patel at
Sat May 19 04:07:05 CDT 2001

The patch moving queue management to the server  has made about 10 casualties 
in my toy test suite (btw, why is this patch  not appearing on any archive of wine-cvs
either Integrita or the winehq one ? I am not suscribed to wine-cvs so I don't
know if anyone has received it at all)

The simplest problem is :

--- timer.c.orig        Sat May 19 01:24:04 2001
+++ timer.c     Sat May 19 10:04:57 2001
@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@
     TIMER * pTimer;
     HWINDOWPROC winproc = 0;
-    if (GetWindowThreadProcessId( hwnd, NULL ) != GetCurrentThreadId())
+    if (hwnd && (GetWindowThreadProcessId( hwnd, NULL ) != GetCurrentThreadId()))
         return 0;                   

This fixes ForteFreeAgent dying immediately with a 'no windows timer', Bcb4, and also
funny menus problems.

I checked GetWindowThreadProcessId under NT and it fails for hwnd=0 so I
think that this is the proper fix.

But there are other strange crashes that I have not yet investigated, also
clicking in the vertical scrollbar in Acrobat Reader scrolls too much.


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