Small fixes in controls/menu.c

gerard patel gerard.patel at
Sun May 20 03:27:55 CDT 2001

At 03:33 AM 20/05/2001 +0200, you wrote:
>I think it shouldn't generate infinite loops, but my patch could work 
>improperly when app catches and doesn't pass to defwndproc  WM_NCCALCSIZE 
>message. So I wrote next patch (attached to this e-mail). 

(patch using NC_HandleNCCalcSize instead of SetWindowPos)

IMO it's better and it solves my problem as well.

>Any comments,hints ?

- you are supposed to send patches against current Wine, not an outdated version
- you are supposed to 
      respect the indentation style of the file you patch;

>When WIN_FindWndPtr(hWnd) return a NULL pointer doesn't it means that 
>something bad happens ?

Yes but I have a hunch that this WARN will be edited out by the Wine maintainer
anyway. You'll notice that in similar cases there are never warnings in Wine code;
this is not because Wine coders are lazy, it's because the Wine maintainer thinks 
it's a bad idea to add warnings everywhere.


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