More breakages

gerard patel gerard.patel at
Sun May 20 16:33:50 CDT 2001

At 10:28 AM 20/05/2001 +0200, I wrote:
>(one more time following up to myself)

>Now searching for the Acrobat Reader funny scrolling...

I guess that this one is probably because of a still incomplete
implementation; what happens is :
- I click in the vertical scrollbar
- the text begins to scroll (for some reason this particular text is
very slow to scroll)
- the scroll timer expires and scrolls again the page
The WM_LBUTTONUP (supposed to end this loop) is not received
until 20 pages later.

If  I test with a text that scrolls much faster, the problem is
much less severe (only one page too much).

It seems to be a message order problem; before Wine had
- hardware messages (mouse, keyboard)
- timer

Now it is
- timer
- hardware messages

There is a nice FIXME in the new message handling around the
old timer handling code, so maybe fix is pending ?


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