Networking with Mandrake 8.0 and SuSE 7.1

Steve Fox stevefx at
Mon May 21 10:05:36 CDT 2001

This weekend I upgraded to Mandrake's 2.4.4 kernel from Cooker (since it
fixed both my mouse and token ring) and suddenly this problem has gone away
(using Notes 5.0.7 and wine-20010305).

I'm still planning to go through Mandrake's 2.2.19 SRPM and find which
patch messes things up (I can't use a Linus-only kernel because I need
reiserfs). I will post again once I have narrowed down the list of
suspects. I'm guessing it has to be a common patch since SuSE seems to have
the same symptoms.

Steve Fox
IBM Linux Technology Center

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