Anybody know int-31?

Bob Goodwin goodie1 at
Mon May 21 15:33:21 CDT 2001

I want to run an application that requires win95 but relys heavily on
DOS interupt functions. Specifically it requires interupt 31 which is
just a stub in Wine.

It appears (from R.B.'s list) that there is no limit on calls to
(request the address of (?:the:a) save/restore handler.) That implies
than one thread could have a save/restore pointer.

When calling the save/restore handler function, the only parameter
passed is a byte in AL to indicate whether to save the current context
or restore a saved context. My question is, are there multiple copies of
the save/restore function or at least multiple entry points? It seems
that this would be the only way of having multiple unique context saves.
It would be differrent if a unique `handle' was returned by int_31
instead of a call address.

If only one context can be stored at a time, do I need a spin-lock
within the save/restore function to keep other applications holding
until their turn?

Bob Goodwin

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