vxd support?

Osvaldo Fornaro ofornaro at exa.unicen.edu.ar
Tue May 22 11:45:37 CDT 2001

El Dom 20 May 2001 18:32, escribiste:
> >>>>> "Osvaldo" == Osvaldo Fornaro <ofornaro at exa.unicen.edu.ar> writes:
>     Osvaldo> Hi, I were far from the project for a while, so sorry if this
>     Osvaldo> topic is trivial, but I wish to use a parallel port scanner
>     Osvaldo> with wine. Under Windows, appears a device to treat the
>     Osvaldo> parallel port as a SCSI port, but is based on a VxD archive,
>     Osvaldo> and wine don't find it.
> Does the scanner use it's own's VXDs or does it use the system parallel
> VXD? In the latter case, supplying the needed functionality might be
> possible.
> Bye

I suppose that are propietary drivers, eppscsi.vxd or something like that. 
However, such files there is not exist in a windows instalation of the 
scanner. It sounds like the file is unpacked or renamed during execution.

If there exist any hope, I will try to install the scanner again (vmware 
deals fine with the scanner, but is so heavy...)


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