Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Tue May 22 15:14:20 CDT 2001

eric pouech <eric.pouech at> writes:

> First of all, your Wine configuration file now needs a WinMM section
> containing the following:
> [WinMM]
> "Drivers" = "wineoss.drv"
> "WaveMapper" = "msacm.drv"
> "MidiMapper" = "midimap.drv"
> Not adding this will print the following message
> > You didn't setup properly the config file for the Wine multimedia modules.
> > Will use the hard-coded setup, but this will disapear soon.
> > Please add a WinMM section to your Wine config file.
> Note that the above configuration will be shortly required, so don't
> wait before setting your configuration up

Please keep the defaults. There is no reason to force people to update
their configuration file when there are workable defaults that we can

Ideally Wine should behave reasonably even with an empty configuration
file; this is not entirely possible because things like paths don't
have reasonable defaults, but forcing people to specify things that we
could guess is not user-friendly.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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