More wine beginner questions

Mike Bond mbond at
Wed May 23 08:23:34 CDT 2001

I was just perusing through msvcrt and noticed that in wcs.c there is
an implementation of _vsnwprintf, which also exists, verbatim, in it's
entirety, in ntdll/wcstring.c. Unless I am misunderstanding the .spec
files there appears to be a method of "forward"ing a symbol to an
external implementation, such as:

@ forward -noimport wcslen ntdll.wcslen

Is there any particular reason this was not done for _vsnwprintf as well?
There is even a comment in the wcs.c copy saying to mirror any fixes in
the ntdll copy.

Also, on perhaps a style note, I've noticed some implementations are
prefixed by the dll name in all caps, such as MSVCRT_vfprintf, and some
are not, such as _wmkdir. Is this just personal style or is there more
to these differences?


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