AFM files no longer required

Ian Pilcher ian.pilcher at
Fri May 25 16:35:18 CDT 2001

Forgot to cc wine-devel.

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> You should really split it into separate files, a 40,000 lines file is
> a bit too much. Also all this data must be constant and in a read-only
> section, it's eating 400k of data space right now.

I actually gave quite a bit of thought to the large file issue before
submitting it, and I would agree with you if there were any functional
code in the file.  Because it's entirely data, and it's heavily
interdependent, I really think that one file is better.  (As the person
most likely be tweaking the data in the near future, I can tell you that
having a single file to edit, albeit a long one, will be heck of a lot
easier than having 39 separate files, and isn't that really the point?)

>From a build point of view, gcc has no problem at all with the file.  In
fact it compiles much faster than many of Wine's functional files.  If a
target compiler (does Wine build with anything other than gcc?) does
a problem with it, I will yield to necessity.  Until that happens, how-
ever, I believe that the practical benefit of maintainability outweighs
stylistic concerns.  (After all, it's not like anyone will ever need to
read all the way through the file to understand it, as is the case with
functional code.)

I would like to make the data constant, but that would require major
surgery to afm.c, which is more than I can take on at this point.  Keep
in mind that the same amount of memory is being used currently; it's
dynamically allocated as the AFM files are read in.
> I'm guessing that you have a script to generate all this; could you
> please consider submitting it?  This way other people can make changes
> too.

I have attached the two programs I use to generate agl.c.  I have always
intended to submit them, but didn't know where in the source tree to put
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