Dax Kelson dkelson-wine at
Mon May 28 23:32:01 CDT 2001

I'm having a failure with a windows app.  The application starts, and it
asks me to name my project and pick a directory to store it in.  When I do
so, I get errors such as:

fixme:shell:PathGetCharTypeA d
fixme:shell:PathGetCharTypeA f
fixme:shell:PathGetCharTypeA d
fixme:shell:PathGetCharTypeA t

And apps reports "such such character isn't valid", and doesn't
continue (each time I try again, it generates another fixme message).

According to MSDN:

PathGetCharType/PathGetCharTypeA part of shlwapi.h returns one or more of
the following values that define the type of character:

                  The character is not valid in a path.
                  The character is valid in a long file name.
                  The character is a path separator.
                  The character is valid in a short (8.3) file name.
                  The character is a wildcard character.

This is the current Wine code:

 *      PathGetCharTypeA   [SHLWAPI.@]
        FIXME("%c\n", ch);
        return 0;

I'm a perl guy, but I'm learning C.  Maybe I'm naive, but fleshing out the
Wine version of this function shouldn't be too hard it seems.  You'd have
to go track down the rules.

Can some point me in the right direction on fixing this up?  Can someone
give me a quick hack to make my application work?

Many thanks,

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