some unimplemented COM stuff

James Hatheway james at
Tue May 29 10:33:01 CDT 2001

Hi Malte,

We (Macadamian) were working on implementing oleaut32.dll, if
you search the archives of WINE HQ around dec 2000 / jan 2001
you can see some of the patches that we submitted.  Unfortunately,
work has been shelved for the moment, but there is a starting point
for you.

For IDispatch::Invoke / ITypeInfo::Invoke, there is a patch at:
As well please see discussion of patch at:
(with reasons why it wasn't committed, search for "invoke")

As for your other issues:
> - typelib registration

Requires adding some registry entries.  Not too bad, pretty much any COM
book will tell you all you need to do.

> - IDispatch::Invoke()
See above

> - RegisterBindStatusCallback() and probably asyncronous bind contexts
Hummm... no idea.

> - probably a "real" URL Moniker, not just CreateURLMoniker() using a File 
> Moniker

See the Brockschmidt book. Have fun. :-) Seriously, I don't think anyone
has done any work on this one or is currently working on this besides the stubbed
DLL that is in the tree.


James Hatheway
Software Designer - Macadamian Technologies, Inc.
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