WINE server messages

David Howells dhowells at
Wed May 30 03:04:47 CDT 2001

Hello Alexandre,

I'm having a little trouble deciding exactly how to emulate the "module
registration" functionality in my kernel module. It occurs to me that this
might be easier to accomplish with a change to the current wine server message
set. My idea is:

 * Have the server only deal with NT Section objects and views of Sections.

 * Have no separate module table attached to a process.

 * Implement NtQuerySectionInformation/NtSetSectionInformation calls (or
   whatever they're called) as wineserver messages.

 * Add an extra Wine-specific information class for the purpose of recording
   the extra module information.

 * The wineserver process structure can then be changed so that rather than
   keeping a separate list of process_dlls, they can just keep a list of
   section views, some of which will be images/modules.


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