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On Wed, 30 May 2001, Ian Pilcher wrote:

> You're getting the error because FreeType's macros are not being defined
> by your include files.  This is supposed to be the way to work around
> the
> fact that the FreeType guys rename their include files with every minor
> release.
> freetype/freetype.h should either define the macros or include another
> file that does so.  If you can figure out why that isn't happening, let
> me know.

It is happening, ftheader.h just doesn't define those two symbols.
It defines these:

#define FT_CONFIG_CONFIG_H  <freetype/config/ftconfig.h>
#define FT_CONFIG_OPTIONS_H  <freetype/config/ftoption.h>
#define FT_CONFIG_MODULES_H  <freetype/config/ftmodule.h>
#define FT_FREETYPE_H  <freetype/freetype.h>
#define FT_ERRORS_H  <freetype/fterrors.h>
#define FT_SYSTEM_H  <freetype/ftsystem.h>
#define FT_IMAGE_H  <freetype/ftimage.h>
#define FT_TYPES_H  <freetype/fttypes.h>
#define FT_LIST_H  <freetype/ftlist.h>
#define FT_OUTLINE_H  <freetype/ftoutln.h>
#define FT_MODULE_H  <freetype/ftmodule.h>
#define FT_RENDER_H  <freetype/ftrender.h>
#define FT_TYPE1_TABLES_H  <freetype/t1tables.h>
#define FT_TRUETYPE_IDS_H  <freetype/ttnameid.h>
#define FT_TRUETYPE_TABLES_H  <freetype/tttables.h>
#define FT_TRUETYPE_TAGS_H  <freetype/tttags.h>
#define FT_GLYPH_H  <freetype/ftglyph.h>
#define FT_BBOX_H  <freetype/ftbbox.h>
#define FT_BEZIER_H  <freetype/ftbezier.h>
#define FT_CACHE_H  <freetype/ftcache.h>
#define FT_CACHE_IMAGE_H  <freetype/cache/ftcimage.h>
#define FT_CACHE_SMALL_BITMAPS_H  <freetype/cache/ftcsbits.h>
#define FT_MAC_H  <freetype/ftmac.h>
#define FT_MULTIPLE_MASTERS_H  <freetype/ftmm.h>
#define FT_SFNT_NAMES_H  <freetype/ftsnames.h>
#define FT_TRIGONOMETRY_H          <freetype/fttrigon.h>
#define FT_SYNTHESIS_H             <freetype/ftsynth.h>
#define FT_CACHE_MANAGER_H         <freetype/cache/ftcmanag.h>
#define FT_CACHE_INTERNAL_LRU_H    <freetype/cache/ftlru.h>
#define FT_CACHE_INTERNAL_GLYPH_H  <freetype/cache/ftcglyph.h>
#define FT_CACHE_INTERNAL_CHUNK_H  <freetype/cache/ftcchunk.h>
#define FT_INTERNAL_INTERNAL_H     <freetype/internal/internal.h>

So FT_TRUETYPE_TABLES_H and FT_GLYPH_H is covered, but FT_NAMES_H and
FT_TRUETYPE_NAMES_H is not. Apparently the defines were changed or
something - FT_SFNT_NAMES_H is apparently the one you must use now?

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