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Thu May 31 17:52:15 CDT 2001

On Thu, 31 May 2001, Marcus Meissner wrote:

> On Thu, May 31, 2001 at 01:12:14PM -0400, =?iso-8859-1?Q? wrote:
> > At 01:24 30/05/2001 +0200, you wrote:
> > (yet another self followup)
> >
> > >Since the commits of last night, every app I have tried only says :
> > >wine client error:0x80675a8: set_thread_buffer failed with status c000000d
> Hmm, can you do 'nm file/file.o|grep stat64' and see if we are including
> stat64 there?

Should it look like this?

         U __lxstat64
         U __xstat64
> Ciao, Marcus
I have had problems since applying the last 8 patches too, but I get a
page fault in loader/pe_image, which wasn't touched, so maybe something
to do with memory addressing is disturbed?

I get this:

WineDbg starting...  on pid 8064a30
No debug information in 32bit DLL '<Debugged process>' (0x00400000)
Loaded debug information from ELF 'wine' (0x00000000)
Breakpoint 1 at 0x4000a560 (_end+0x37fbde24)
Loaded debug information from ELF '/usr/local/lib/'
Loaded debug information from ELF '/usr/local/lib/'
Loaded debug information from ELF '/usr/local/lib/'
No debug information in ELF '/usr/lib/' (0x401f0000)
No debug information in ELF '/lib/' (0x4022d000)
No debug information in ELF '/lib/' (0x4024c000)
No debug information in ELF '/lib/' (0x4024f000)
No debug information in ELF '/lib/' (0x40253000)
No debug information in ELF '/lib/' (0x40000000)
No debug information in 32bit DLL 'NTDLL.DLL' (0x40057000)
Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x69000003
 in 32-bit code (0x40083480).
In 32-bit mode.
0x40083480 (dump_exports+0xe8 [pe_image.c:100] in movl
100           if (!*function) continue;  /* No such function */
Wine-dbg>info reg
Register dump:
 CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:008f GS:0000
 EIP:40083480 ESP:40576d10 EBP:40576d44 EFLAGS:00010287(  R- 00  I S -
 EAX:1300c830 EBX:400fb3c4 ECX:ff50d5ff EDX:400f8220
 ESI:69000003 EDI:00000000
Wine-dbg>info local
dump_exports:hModule == 0x13000000
dump_exports:Module == 0x13a82484
dump_exports:i (optimized into register $edi) == 0x00000000
dump_exports:j (optimized into register $edx) == 0x400f8220
dump_exports:ordinal == 0x13c0bc15
dump_exports:function (optimized into register $esi) == 0x69000003
dump_exports:name == 0x1250d5ff
dump_exports:load_addr == 0x13000000
dump_exports:rva_start == 0x0000c830
dump_exports:rva_end == 0x0000c971
dump_exports:pe_exports == 0x1300c830
Wine-dbg>x/24c 0x1250d5ff
0x1250d5ff (_end+0xa4c0ec3): *** Invalid address 0x1250d5ff

Wine-dbg>x/24x pe_exports
0x1300c830 (_end+0xafc00f4):  850cc483 c08e0fc0 8d000000 00a82484
0x1300c840 (_end+0xafc0104):  6a500000 01896800 f1680000 56000003
0x1300c850 (_end+0xafc0114):  ff50d5ff 00c0bc15 248c8d13 000000a8
0x1300c860 (_end+0xafc0124):  03f26851 ff560000 d3ff50d5 0123a0bf
0x1300c870 (_end+0xafc0134):  ffc98313 548bc033 aef21024 0123e0a1
0x1300c880 (_end+0xafc0144):  49d1f713 e9505251 00000110 07c40d8b
0x1300c890 (_end+0xafc0154):
=>0 0x40083480 (dump_exports+0xe8(hModule=0x13000000) [pe_image.c:100]
in (ebp=40576d44)
  1 0x40084486 (PE_CreateModule+0x282(hModule=0x13000000,
filename=0x403428cc, flags=0x0, hFile=0x18, builtin=0x0)
[pe_image.c:632] in (ebp=40576da8)
  2 0x400845a1 (PE_LoadLibraryExA+0x65(name=0x403428cc, flags=0x0)
[pe_image.c:704] in (ebp=40576dd0)
  3 0x40082a5d (MODULE_LoadLibraryExA+0x339(libname=0x480f98,
hfile=0x0, flags=0x0) [module.c:1405] in (ebp=40576e10)
  4 0x40083aa3 (fixup_imports+0xe3(wm=0x403427e8) [pe_image.c:289] in (ebp=40576e58)
  5 0x40084495 (PE_CreateModule+0x291(hModule=0x400000,
filename=0x4010fd20, flags=0x0, hFile=0x0, builtin=0x0)
[pe_image.c:636] in (ebp=40576ebc)
  6 0x400c822b (start_process+0x10f [process.c:366] in
  7 0x400cb7e9 (SYSDEPS_DoCallOnStack+0x25(func=0x400c811c, arg=0x0)
173] in (ebp=40576ff0)
  8 0x400cb88f (SYSDEPS_CallOnStack+0x2f in (ebp=bffff474)
  9 0x400cb939 (SYSDEPS_SwitchToThreadStack+0x95(func=0x400c811c)
[sysdeps.c:236] in (ebp=bffff4b0)
  10 0x400c85fd (PROCESS_InitWine+0x199(argc=0x6, argv=0xbffff54c,
win16_exe_name=0x804c620, win16_exe_file=0x804c724) [process.c:525] in (ebp=bffff4cc)
  11 0x0804b1e4 (Letext [main.c] in wine) (ebp=bffff4e4)
  12 0x4026bcbe (NTDLL.DLL.sqrt+0x3362e in (ebp=bffff520)
  13 0x08049021 (_start+0x21 in wine) (ebp=00000000)

I might be misconfigured somehow, or have missed a patch, but in case
this might shed some light here it is.

glibc 2.1.3 kernel 2.4.4 with devfs active. X 3.3.5.

Have to revert now to mail this.  Blah!

---cut here

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