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Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Thu May 31 19:14:32 CDT 2001

David Howells <dhowells at> writes:

> Actually, I see that you do maintain a view list in the client as well as the
> module list and section lists in the server. What I was thinking of was just
> consolidating the three into a single view list and a single section list in
> the server.
> In effect, Wine'd still have the module list, it's just that there'd be
> non-modules in the list too.

I still don't see why you want that. The fact that the section list is
in the client or in the server is orthogonal to the fact that we
maintain a list of modules. If you have a list of mapped views in the
server you can simplify the module list a bit by making each module
point to the view instead of the backing file, but you still need a
module list to send debugger events and do toolhelp snapshots.

You could of course hide the module list inside the section list by
adding some magic flags to the section descriptor, but all it changes
is that you then need to walk the whole section list to retrieve the
modules; I don't really see the point.

Alexandre Julliard
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