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Thu Nov 1 12:09:47 CST 2001

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Hi again!
I found a solution:
I'm lucky enough to have 2 "cdroms"... 1 dvd and 1 cdrw.
The solution was to put cd2 in the other drive and mount it OVER the first 
mount. Not a very pretty solution but it worked.
Do you guys know of a better solution?
Personally I think that "wine d:setup.exe" would be better..

Per Wigren

BTW, sorry for posting this on the devel-list instead of user. I've lost my 
mailaccount that was subscribed to wine-users.

Thursday 01 November 2001 18.24 skrev du:
> Hi!
> I have an annoying problem installing Grim Fandango.
> It comes on 2 cds. If I mount the cd and run "wine setup.exe" it starts to
> install until it asks for cd #2. But I can't unmount the CD to put in cd2
> because it's busy...
> If I run "eject", it ejects but it still seems to be cached so it doesn't
> recognize that I've changed cd!
> Also:
> # wine D:\\setup.exe
> with the cdrom unmounted doesn't work either... :(
> Any solution to this problem?
> Regards
> Per Wigren
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