Duplicated StrRetToStr functions in shell32

Guy L. Albertelli galberte at neo.lrun.com
Thu Nov 1 18:36:03 CST 2001


The reason that these routines were duplicated is that the builtin shell32
cannot find StrRetToBuf{A|W} in some of the native versions of shlwapi.dll.
This dependency prohibited testing with builtin vs. native shlwapi.

The change was submitted to winehq about 8/28 and committed soon thereafter.


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Subject: Duplicated StrRetToStr functions in shell32

>    Shell32 contains StrRetToStrNA and StrRetToStrNW which are almost
> identical to StrRetToBufA and StrRetToBufW. Since shell32 already
> imports shlwapi it seems like we should just call the latter functions!
> That way I won't have to fix the "0x%p" thing twice.
> Changelog:
>  * dlls/shell32/shellstring.c
>    Implement StrRetToStrN{A,W} by calling shlwapi.StrRetToBuf{A,W}
> instead of duplicating the code
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