ImageList_Write stub

j.m.maurer j.m.maurer at
Fri Nov 2 15:46:06 CST 2001

Hello Wine Developers!

For a while now I want to use Delphi under Wine, which works for 99%.
The one thing that is missing seems to be the implementation of
ImageList::Write which prevents opening of Forms which contain an
ImageList control.

The output Wine gives is:
-- fixme:imagelist:ImageList_Write empty stub!

While searching through I came across the URL which describes that
ImageList::Write is indeed not implemented due to the fact that
IStream32::Write is not implemented....

Is implementing these functions a particular difficult task or has
nobody had any spare time to do it yet? I have no knowlegde whatsoever
of the structure of Wine or the Windows API, but I have some spare time
and some code skills...

Does anyone have any hints on this issue?

  Marc Maurer

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due to an unknown low level error reported by mailman :-)

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