Winsock2 & overlapped IO

Martin Wilck Martin.Wilck at
Mon Nov 5 06:07:55 CST 2001


I have started porting a software product of our company from
NT to Linux using Wine. Part of this software is an agent which
implements a proprietary protocol implemented with Winsock 2.
In particular, it uses the Winsock 2 feature of "Overlapped IO"
on sockets, with user-supplied callbacks that are called when
data is received on a socket etc.

Browsing through the Wine Winsock code, I saw that this part of
Winsock2 is obviously unimplemented.

Q: Has anybody worked on this already? Is there existing code
Q: Can you give an estimate if implementation of these features
   would require substantial changes in core wine code (something
   I'd like to avoid)?
Q: Can you give me guidance on what part of the functionality would
   live in the wine server and what in the client?


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